Hearing Aid Management Systems, Inc.

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HAMS Mission

Our Mission is to facilitate the delivery of excellence in hearing health care and to foster growth and fellowship among our members and other hearing care professionals for mutual benefit.

HAMS contracts with credentialed Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists in several states to provide services for members of health care organizations such as HMO’s, PPO’s, union trust funds and health insurance plans. 

Locate a HAMS Hearing Aid Professional with ease.  Simply click below and you'll be taken to our H.A.M.S Network Provider Directory.  The H.A.M.S.Network of Credentialed Providers offer excellent service and are our approved network.

HAMS -  Hearing Aid Management Systems, Inc.

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Hearing impairment can occur at any age. The condition develops so slowly that people are often unaware of what they are missing until others begin to notice. 

'Whether it is patient care, patient testing, patient counseling, or just the way we treat and listen to our patients, our philosophy is simple:

Our Patients Come First!'

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